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Bull - 01x05 (2016)

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  • Език: Български  / Формат на субтитрите: SRT
  • Добавени на: 02.11.2016г. 06:40  (Димитър Милев)
  • bull.2016.105.hdtv-lol

    Budding chef Richard Fleer (Zach Appleman) confronts his fiancé after overhearing a conversation with her parents who disapprove of their marriage, and she storms out. She is later found dead in an alley, and Detective Chance Kelly is able to get a confession out of Richard. Dr. Bull is offered the job of supporting the prosecution in the case against Richard, but after hearing Richard's confession, Bull decides to support the defense. His team must now work with public defender Issac Chambers (Jeremy Shamos) to convince the jury that Richard's confession was a false one while also looking for the real killer. Elsewhere, Marissa, Cable, and Danny try to convince Chunk that he should investigate his upcoming date.
  • Държава: САЩ
  • Жанр: КомедияКриминаленДрама
  • Актьори: Michael WeatherlyGeneva CarrJaime Lee KirchnerAnnabelle AttanasioChris JacksonInna Muratova
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